The history of the “Sasaki Foundation” dates back to the “Kyoundo Hospital” established here in Kanda Surugadai in 1882 by Toyo Sasaki. In 1939 the foundation “Sasaki Institute” was approved by the Japanese government, after which the Kyoundo Hospital was donated to the Foundation, forming the new Sasaki Foundation (Takaoki Sasaki as the first President) consisting of the institute and the hospital.

The Sasaki Institute has since conducted various studies in the field of basic as well as clinical medicine. Among other things, “Rat liver carcinogenesis by oral administration of a chemical substance” by Takaoki Sasaki and Tomizo Yoshida, the second Director of the Institute, is the first achievement in the world to generate carcinoma in any internal organ of an animal by feeding a chemically defined agent. The observation on Yoshida sarcoma by Tomizo Yoshida led to an outstanding discovery demonstrating that the phenomenon of cancer in the body is a disease with individual cancer cells as a unit, as recapitulated by the cell theory of cancer. In recent years the establishment of analbuminemic rats as a disease model and their elucidation at the genetic level are well-accepted globally. Sasaki and Yoshida jointly received the Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy for their seminal studies of the rat liver carcinogenesis and were awarded the second prize for the studies of degradation and synthesis of amino acids and the pathological studies of Yoshida sarcoma, respectively.

In April 2012, the Sasaki Foundation was authorized as a public interest incorporated foundation, being a medical research organization comprising Sasaki Institute, Kyoundo Hospital, and Shonan Medical Examination Center. As stipulated in the ‘Articles of Incorporation,’ we are committed to promoting our people’s health. To this end we are conducting the research and development of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, among other diseases, attempting to advance medicine and human resources, and striving to promote and disseminate better medical care. While the Institute carries out experimental basic research, the Hospital performs clinical research. Besides, the Medical Examination Center has started preventive medicine research. In this way, through bridging of all these areas we can now provide significant solutions to the research issues raised in the clinical setting, conductive to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a host of disorders including cancer. The Institute is doing the cancer research to substantiate ‘living with cancer.’ We actively collaborate with other medical research organizations to realize a society free from cancer deaths.

In pursuit of our cause we have strived to acquire research grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and various other foundations. However, since these public funding sources are not sufficient for accomplishing our mission of freeing humans from cancer, we have received research donations widely from those who agree with the purpose of our Foundation.

The Sasaki Foundation, as a research organization engaged in the medical research on diseases including cancer, would like to use your gifts productively. Last but not least, please note that your donation is tax deductible (in Japan) when you make a donation as we are authorized as a public interest incorporated foundation by the Cabinet Office.

Thus, your generous donation to us will support the development of cancer research and, eventually, medical research for the benefit of all humanity.


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