Director’s Message

Message from the Director


I am deeply honored to be recently appointed to the 10th director of the Sasaki Institute, a medical research organization with a long-standing tradition of cancer research.

The ultimate goal of the Institute is to contribute to human welfare through medical research, in particular through experiment-oriented basic research.

Medical research is conducted in two different ways: one way which is based on accurate description of diseases and experimental findings, and the other way solely based on existing theories. Dr. Tomizo Yoshida and Dr. Takaoki Sasaki at our Institute left a tremendous impact on cancer research through their excellent work; they correctly interpreted experimental results without being restrained by the then-accepted wisdom. We will be following the same path and willing to tackle the most important medical issues in cancer clinical medicine with a unique approach.

I am convinced that, by pursuing such research, the Institute will be an inspiration to our staff and people in the community alike. Your continued support would be highly appreciated.


Takashi Sasaki, M.D., Ph.D.
Sasaki Institute

Former Sasaki Institute Building (1938-1989)
Former Sasaki Institute Building (1938-1989)
Drs Takaoki Sasaki (right) and Tomizo Yoshida (1930)


Drs Takaoki Sasaki (right) and Tomizo Yoshida (1930)